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Progress To Date


2. Business Formation and Early-Stage Growth

2.1 Ensure that Pearland’s business climate and support services are optimized for enterprise formation and growth

Throughout the pandemic, PEDC worked to collect and communicate information on available federal and state resources to our Pearland businesses. We launched a web page dedicated to federal, state and local resources and communicated information out to local employers through press releases, postcard mailouts, email updates and via digital marketing and social media.

The City’s Community Development department and PEDC are partnering with OpenCounter to develop a “one-stop” website with excellent mobile functionality to serve as a “virtual front door” for starting or expanding a business in Pearland. 

2.2 Establish a hub for entrepreneurship to concentrate local services and connect to the regional ecosystem

PEDC, along with the Pearland Prosperity Implementation Committee, has recently launched a collaborative process with community partners to evaluate the feasibility of providing some type of hub for entrepreneurship and small business assistance in Pearland.

2.3 Establish a revolving loan fund (RLF) to incentivize primary business formation and growth

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